Journal 26/10/2017

Yesterday my food was spot on so I was happy with that. I got home and was going to work out but ended up falling asleep on my sofa with the kids while watching Harry Potter. This caused me a dilemma as Thursday night is coaching night and my rest day.

So this morning I got up early and hit my weight session before work it worked really well and got all my numbers. The only problem I have now is a pain in my elbow it’s right on the joint. 

Today I had a good food day ate everything I should and hit my macros which is good. I have started eating more so interested to see how this looks on the scales come Saturday.

Tonight it was in the gym and learning about Oly lifting. It really is so technical and very interesting to watch and spot issues in lifters form. I will get there eventually I am going to have to learn it myself I think to truly understand it. 

I am also feeling much better in myself at the moment and my hip isn’t hurting which is great. Although got to remember that isn’t a ticket to load the squats back up yet. Small increments and if there is pain back off. I am going to mix full depth air squats and slowly load on the box squats.

Well I am knackered so I am now going to get some sleep.

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