Journal 22/10/2017

What a week I feel shattered and its back to work tomorrow I need one more day.

So the rest of the week I have managed to get my weight sessions in so really happy with that.

Food again not so great went to a family do at my Aunty’s and ate and drank to much to be honest. We were celebrating Richard and John’s lives, my cousin passed away last year around this time and uncle John recently. My is sister is over from Australia also , so we couldn’t miss an opportunity to all get together. I have put the picture of this gathering on this blog. A lovely day and great to be with family as always.

I have also managed to meet up with James Kennedy again this week to do some work with him. If you have seen my blog and podcast on supplements he is a body transformation guru find hime here: . Also look out for his new body transformation studio opening soon

James and I did a vlog regarding cutting (thanks James) as I was writing a blog but the opportunity fell to include him so I took it. This week he also calculated my body fat %. The great thing is James can get this done as accurately as possible with some new kit he has purchased. (I was the guinea pig).

So I am not at the body fat % I thought I was I am in fact much lower……… I wish! I am in fact at 18% body fat I felt gutted!. However the silver lining, I know where I am. So from this point forward I am going to work off that figure, he also gave me some tips regarding my diet. I need to eat more and ensure I am hitting my fat intake, this will stop by metabolism crashing.

Armed with this news I am now tonight going back over all my stats and replanning my meals to ensure I can continue with my cut and get that 10% body fat I want.


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