Journal 18/10/17

Since I last updated my blog quite a bit has happened I managed to see a consultant about my hip which was positive. I waited 1hour 45 minutes and was in the room less than 3 minutes when he told me you need an MRI. I know this why has it taken over 6 months to be told this and now I have to wait for that referral JOY!.

To top it off I left the hospital got in my car and the clutch was broken so I had to call out the recovery company.

I also had my uncles funeral this week which was a good send off it was lovely to see how many people he had built a rapport with through his life. He will be sadly missed but I look back with fond memories.

The next day instead of sitting at home feeling sad for myself we all went down to Boscombe beech to check out the artificial surf reef but there was no surf. So we decided to make sand castles, climb rocks, walk up the pier and have a coffee.

My daughter has now decided she wants to be a pro tour surfer and as a result we are looking to try to surf the south coast again on Saturday. As it looks like there might be some actual waves we can get on then.

Training wise I got a leg session in last night and hope to again train tonight if possible. Food wise it hasn’t been great got very drunk at the funeral as did everyone else but from now am 100% back on it. I will do my stats Friday night, don’t expect them to be good but it is time to refocus.


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