Journal 12/10/2017

So what’s being going on the last few days.

I haven’t been working out and I haven’t been eating brilliantly and have had a few drinks. I wouldn’t say my food has been horrendous but I haven’t been recording it and know I have eaten things off plan.

Over the last two days I have been with Mum organising my uncles funeral which has been hard it is booked for next week. We wanted to have the funeral before my sister goes back to Australia. It’s hit me now  that happened when I was sat at the funeral directors. I am not sure how I am going to deal with it next week. John was a lovely man with a big heart. He was someone you could always turn to if life was not going well for you. He may not tell you what you wanted to hear but would tell you truth and help you.

We have also had a guest this week Steve photo below. A sweet little dog with a lot of love to give. He has been a great help coming home each night o my loving family and this excited little fellow.

I am off for a small break this weekend which i am looking forward to.  I honestly think I need to reasses my progress come next week after the funeral and refocus as I can’t do that at the moment.

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