Journal 09/10/2017

This weekend ran away from me a little bit I managed to get all my training sessions in even though my food choices were not great.

Saturday – I didn’t get my weight session in it was my daughters birthday and I tried to get one in but people turned up and I was asked in from the gym. So I downed tools and went and joined in then went out with my family to see their cousins.

Sunday – To make up for Saturday I hit an early morning session smashing my legs. Then after that I went for  run and in the evening I worked on my arms and abs.

Monday – Food ready for the week I went to work but didn’t manage any cadio. I then went to the gym for 5 to do my first night training to coach others. It was a long day out the door at 7:15 and back in it 22:30 I ate tea and went straight to bed.

Steve the Chihuahua came to greet me yes that’s right a little chihuahua. We are looking after him for someone he’s is very cute.I

Food wise today I was spot on with my diet but all my macros

Breakfast – scrambled eggs and salmon

Lunch – Turkey Salad

Snack – wraps with ham

Dinner – Pork Steak and potato 

Bedtime snack – Ham 

The plan tomorrow is to get a workout in so let’s see how that goes.

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