Journal 07/10/2017 Weekly Stats

​So once a week I weigh myself and my wife gets the caliper to check my body fat %. Check my blog about measuring this here

Today my stats came in as follows,

Body Fat % Last Week (Jackson/Pollock 7 Caliper Method) = 12.11%

This week Body Fat % (Jackson/Pollock 7 Caliper Method) = 12.11%

Weight = 74.4kg

Fat in Kgs = 9.01kg

Lean Mass = 65.39kg

From my stats this week I can see I have lost .2 kg this and my body fat % has stayed the same. I am not worried about this as it hasn’t gone up and over the last few days I know I haven’t been on plan.

I will now cover the main points for my cut and how I have got on with them as usual.

Not eating enough – My food has been bad and I have also been drinking alcohol so not great. Due mainly to recent circumstances.

Over training, – Got all my weight sessions in but no cardio so I am not over training and have good energy levels.

Sleep – Sleep has not been good I didn’t sleep at all Friday night, ended up all night binge watching tv.

So whats the plan for next week?

Next week I want to keep to the same plan as last week but introduce a cardio session. If I can get back on point with eating and exercise i should be good.

It’s hiccups like this along the way that draw out time to achieving our goal and in turn cause frustration. We need to regroup focus and continue as otherwise this leads to people ultimately quitting. Quitting is not the answer and after all the hard work to get so far it will be detrimental. It would push us back into old cycles and slip back to those bad habits. So staying focused on our goals is key to success.

My daily macro’s for next week will be as follows;

Calories 1563, Protein 211g, Carbohydrates 101g, Fat 37g

Pics for this week are as follows;

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