Journal 02/10/2017

The weekend went well had my cheat meal Saturday night and managed to get cardio in coaching rugby on Sunday.
Today I was at a conference centre with work but had my usual food and managed to withhold from the onslaught of sweets and chocolate. So pleased, as my food prep workd and I ate clean. Thanks goes out again to my wife Georgia whom cooked my chilli on Sunday, she really is good to me.

I haven’t worked out at all today having a break due to pains, managed to soak in the bath Sunday which helped and resting again today. My training will have to change from evenings to mornings etc.. This is going to be big change for me as for a long time it has been evenings and I have adapted . I think there are some positives from this such as fasted training but this isn’t the reason for the change in schedule.

The reason is because I am going to start training as a lifting coach at Lakeside Weighlifting. I am really excited about the opportunity and need to make it fit around home etc.. My new found passion in life is progressing to another stage . I really think I can help people with their goals like I have for myself, and having Lizzie the owner as a mentor will be great. 

Tomorrow I plan to workout early and try and get a cardio session in later let’s see how that goes!

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