Journal 27/09/2017

Today started early I was making bacon sandwiches for Georgia and he kids. They had to be gone by 7 so they were having breakfast Enroute to Georgia’s venue.

After they left I went through my usual routine only to suddenly realise that I had to be at work for meeting starting at 8am. So I dashed out the door forgetting my gym kit. So guess what another day no cardio doh!

This evening I went down to the weight lifting club and did my session there. It was good as I was deadlifting and Liz picked up an issue with my form I hadn’t noticed, which made a massive difference.

Food today has again been spot on;


Scrambled egg and bacon

Mid morning



Tub of Quark

Mid afternoon

Turkey Chilli

Pre workout

Pumpernickel bread with peanut butter 

Hydrolysed Beef Protein 

Post Workout

Tun of cottage cheese

 Slimming World macaroon bar

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