Journal 26/09/2017

I didn’t manage to get any cardio in today as was in a meeting all day at a conference centre.

Georgia was working this evening so I had to run get the kids from her venue get them home and then get my oldest to cubs. In the hour thirty before I had to go back and get him I got my workout, hitting it with increased intensity. I had to reduce my rest periods in between my sets so I could leave on time.

After getting my son I then came home and he and his sister worked out. Press ups, burpees, running, box jumps, goblet squats, trx body rows and pull-ups. 

After that they got ready for bed I read to them and they were out like lights. They really love to workout and always badger me. I don’t want to dull the enthusiasm by not being able to as it’s great they love it so much.

Food wise been a really good day my food was as follows;


2x bacon medallions 

Scrambled eggs 1egg 150ml egg whites

Mid morning



Skyr yoghurt



Pre Workout

2x sausages and sweet potato mash

Post workout

Pea isolate Protein

Pre Bed

Cheese slice

Cottage cheese

I am now sat on the sofa with a hot water bottle on my hip.

I want to get a 2 cardio sessions in before Sat so let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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