Journal 25/09/2017

Well how did my weekend go;

Friday my two friends came to the gym with me which was a good laugh they had never lifted before and so they were taken through their paces. Got home and Georgia my wife had cooked a bean casserole which went down well and kept me on the straight and narrow. After that the drinks that followed probably wasn’t that great but instead of beer I opted for rum with diet ginger ale.

Saturday was a bit of right off food wise I didn’t stick to plan ate some pizza and crisps with the kids in the evening.

Sunday was up over the rugby club in the morning coaching our team, things are going great at them moment. We got some tackle ring this week and used them for tackle practice it was really good. Foodwise it wasn’t bad to be honest but I wasn’t counting my macros. I really find weekends the hardest as during the week I know what I am eating and at work in a routine. Sunday afternoon I managed to cook my turkey chilli for meals during the week and Georgia bless her made me sweet potato bread and banana bread. They both taste great one was made with quinoa flour and other with spelt flour.

I didnt manage to get anywhere with my stretching research but have made progress with the hip rehabilitation. I managed to find a paper on Labral injuries to the hip management and rehabilitation. This contained some exercises to help ease the pain and work towards rehabilitation.

Today my food was spot on and my energy levels were also very good. I didnt manage to get any cardio in today as was in back to back meetings. Looking at my calendar its going to be hard and I may need to plan some early mornings. I never mix my cardio with my weight sessions and keep them separated by at least 4 hours where I can. This will mean a pre work cardio session if I cant get one in during the day.

I managed however to get weights session in this evening, my hip was hurting so I had to keep my squats light and also used my leg press. I then hit incline bench and worked on my abs. I did a super set of swimmers followed by plank 1 minute rest and hit again for a total of 3 sets. I then worked on my hip stretching it our and manipulated my left leg to dust the joint. To do this I used thick resistance bands around my power rack and leg right up into my crotch then on all fours kneel back to increase tension. After writing this I am then going to massage my hit and quad and apply heat to it.

Today my food was as follows;


Scrambled egg 150ml Egg Whites plus one large egg

two bacon medalions


Turkey Chilli

Sweet Potato and Apple cake

Kiwi Fruit


Tuna and hazlenuts


Thai Chicken curry 180g Chicken

Post Workout

Hydrolised Beef Protein

Before bed

300g Cottage Cheese


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