Journal 22/09/17

Yesterday my food was spot on, did have a cheeky glass of wine in the evening.

Last night I managed to get a weight session in squatting, hip extensions, landmine abs, weighted lunges and single leg hinge.

I also booked a course for November ‘England Rugby Coaching Award’ so really looking forward to this another rugby coaching qualification. I hope to also start a sports nutrition course in October which will be a great qualification to add and I am really looking forward to it.

Today food wise again has been fine I have some friends coming over tonight and we are all going to the gym together. Then we are going to have drinks etc… so I am aware of this and accepting I will be having a few beverages. Going over my macros for the day will happen but will try not to go too crazy.

My new appointment for a consultation on my hip came yesterday so thats now booked for the 30th October a whole month later than it should be. Not holding my breath on that one to be honest. I need to own this problem so this weekends goal will be looking into stretching and recovery. Mainly around my hip and trying to keep it as pain free as possible but also on the whole. A big area I abuse is recovery and it certainly comes back to bite you. When your happy with those gains but then you cant lift due to a muscle pulled or aches is not a great place to be.

Tomorrow is my stats day which is going to be interesting to see if I have stayed about the same or managed to progress. I already know my sleep was not as good as it could of been this week. But I did drop a cardio session and my energy levels have been better than previously.

All in all I am glad its Friday.

One last thing someone at work mentioned they read my blog, ‘Hi Jim’ its nice to know that my daily posts are helping others even if its just motivation.

If anyone reading this ever has any questions please feel free to email me I will try my best to answer.


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