Journal 19/09/2017

Today I cut out the cardio to give myself a rest and will get my 2nd cardio session in tomorrow. My hip has been a little sore but I think that is from box squatting yesterday as I went up to 92kg.

My wife had to take the kids to work today as the lady whom looks after the kids in between my wife going to work and me getting home is on holiday.

This meant I had to pick them up on the way back home do the cubs run and get them dinner, ready for bed and tucked in.

I also needed to get my dinner in, prep food for tomorrow and have something for wifey to eat when she got home later in the evening.

So I managed to fit what is usually a 1 hour 30 minute gym session into just over an hour. It worked brilliantly and I felt really pumped I was also feeling strong and managed to up my weight on my barbell row. I am working in a higher weight percentage this week from last.

I have noticed that my new scales are not accurate I have been weighing my food long enough to know what volumes should roughly weigh. That means they need to go and I need to get some different ones as this could really sabotage my goals.

The one thing I am starting to battle at the moment is the cravings they are mounting on me and getting worse. I saw a Twirl in the fridge and spent the day dreaming about it but so far so good. I am stopping myself breathing and moving on trying to keep my mind on my ultimate goal.

Sleep wise I am going to be late to bed and need to be up early 6am so that is going to take a hit not the 8ish hours I wanted.

I also haven’t done any care on my leg today I need to get back to working on my hip with massage, foam roller, hot, cold and rehabilitation exercises. To mention it I haven’t done much care on my body as whole I noticed some warning twitches in muscles in my back.

Lets see what tomorrow brings.


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