Journal 18/09/2017

As my last journal stated I had observed a lack of energy last week and so I needed to ensure the following three things;

  1. I was getting enough sleep
  2. My food was right I was eating enough
  3. Wasn’t overtraining

So yesterday evening I worked on all three as follows;

  1. I made sure I went to bed at a reasonable time to get approx 8 hours
  2. I noticed from my food diary (essential to keep one) that I ate 3 meals in the morning but then nothing until I got home. So I made myself sweet potato cake and portioned it to take for the afternoon.
  3. Last night I didn’t do any cardio and instead opted for an early night.

Then today I got my cardio in at lunch and then followed this with a weight session tonight. I hit all my numbers feeling strong, I even managed to add 3kg to my incline bench.

Food wise today I ate the following.


2x Eggs

2x Bacon Medalions

Mid Morning


Kiwi Fruit

Post Cardio

Pea Isolate Protein shake




Sweet Potato Cake

Dinner (Pre Workout)

Pasta and Chicken

Before Bed

Cottage Cheese

This has nicely allowed me to hit all my macros for the day. I will drop the cardio tomorrow and pick backup Wednesday.

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