Journal 14/09/2017

Had to drag myself out of bed to get to work today. That little bit of cardio yesterday playing touch rugby certainly took its toll.

I managed to get my cardio in at lunch time on the recumbent bike. This was another good win on my cutting journey. 

I made a call to the doctors to go and see them about my cancelled appointment for my hip today. So after work I went off to the doctors and guess what, they have no idea why I was rejected. Well that’s great and they didn’t know if I would have to wait longer either. All they could do was resubmit my referral. The doctor was very apologetic but that didn’t help. He prescribed me Naproxen to help with pain and sent me on my way. When I got home I called the hospital whom rejected me, but they told me to call back tomorrow.

Then after doing the Beavers run I hit my gym and smashed a great workout. Flat bench barbell and dumbbell, barbell rows, single arm rows, triceps push downs and weighted back extensions.

Food wise another good day although I have eaten slightly too many carbs but it’s not a problem.

Tomorrow I am going to take a day off the cardio and I am in the gym with everyone in the evening. Looking forward to the weekend to chill with the family. 

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