Journal 12/09/2017

Today I managed to get a 30min cardio session in on a recumbent bike at lunch.

I then hit my weights this evening and had a go on my new leg press. Had a planking competition with my 8year old at the end of my workout who can still out plank me. 

I had a letter today from the hospital they have now cancelled my consultation and I am to go back to my GP. I can’t really write what o think about that here it would be a long line of expletives.

On the brights side another great day for food been spot on.


2 eggs

2 bacon medallions

Mid morning

Tuna and kiwi

Lunch (post cardio)

Isolate Pea Protein



Pre weights


Pumpernickel bread

Peanut butter

Isolate Pea Protein

Post weights

Soy sausage

Cottage cheese

Tomorrow I am on a coaching course in the evening but still want to get my weights session in. Not sure I can achieve that to be honest but I will see how it goes.

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