Journal 11/09/2017 Weekly Stats

So once a week I weigh myself and my wife gets the caliper to check my body fat %. Check my blog about measuring this here

Today my stats came in as follows,

Body Fat % 22 days ago (Jackson/Pollock 7 Caliper Method) = 16.21%

This week Body Fat % (Jackson/Pollock 7 Caliper Method) = 14.49%

Weight = 75.7kg

Fat in Kgs = 10.97kg

Lean Mass = 64.73kg

Its been 22 days now since my last measurement of body fat % and I have come down to 14.49% and lost fat but maintained muscle .3 of a kg down. This is good and remember me last time adjusting my diet to reduce calories by removing carbs. Well it has worked and because I have done it gradually it meant I have maintained muscle. Only 4.5% to go before I reach my goal of 10%.

I am not going to touch my calories this week and will check it again come Saturday and make any necessary adjustments then.

So my daily macro’s for next week will be as follows;

Calories 1663, Protein 211g, Carbohydrates 126g, Fat 27g

The pics of my progress this week are shown below, really happy starting to see some definition which is always nice.



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