Journal 06/09/2017

Today again I managed to get my cardio in at lunch, a leisurely cycle on a recumbent bike. My leg has been hurting a lot and I got a date for the orthopaedic surgeon for the 26th. Let’s see what happens off the back of that. 

I also managed to get a weights session in tonight was going to work on my shoulders but I had a niggling pain so moved on to work my back. I can’t really deadlift at the moment so started with a cable rows warm-up sets followed by 5 sets 6reps. Next I moved on to barbell rows 5 sets by 5 reps and finally single arm rows 3 sets 6 reps.

I felt really tired and weaker today but I am putting this down to extra cardio and cutting.

After my workout i got the foam roller on my leg and ball on my back to try and address the pains plus stretched out. 

Foodwise had been ok today but I did mess up a little and ate cheese on Rye bread. This has used my days macros up for fat so it’s on to 0% fat yoghurt and cottage cheese.

My food today was as follows:


3 slices ham and 1 fried egg

Mid Morning 

1x Kiwi



Turkey Chilli


Mid Afternoon

Rye bread



Skyr yoghurt blueberry

Pre Workout

Pea Protein

Post Workout

Cottage cheese

I am going to massage my leg and get a hot water bottle on it now so Adios 

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