Journal 05/09/2017

Today was good I managed to get cardio in at lunch and a weight session tonight. My hip is hurting a lot today I am now sat on the sofa massaging my quad and using a hot water bottle to apply heat.

Food wise today has been good it’s been as follows;


3 slices cooked ham

1 fried egg

Mid Morning


Kiwi fruit 


My chilli

10 Almonds

Post workout

Pea Protein

Afternoon snack

Rye bread

10g Peanut butter


Chicken and wholegrain rice cooked as fried rice


Skyr yoghurt

Yesterday I got tired mid afternoon and I noticed the change to my diet was I reduced fat intake for breakfast. I put that back in today and added almonds at lunch. I felt much better from making this change so will keep it up. I also felt weaker with my lifts now I am cutting so this could be the cause. But I did mess up with my meal timing and ate my rye and peanut butter to early.

I didn’t do my stats last night either it just didn’t happen so will wait till the weekend. I will change to Saturdays as my weekly update as I now have rugby each Sunday from now on.

Right more massaging and then bed.

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