Journal 04/09/2017

I was back to work today and had my food prepped to take with me. This worked really well despite having the holiday blues.

I have decided to keep to the lower calorie count that I set before going away which was 1663 calories.

It works out at 30% carb, 51% protein and 19% fat to reach this target today i have eaten the following. 


1 Large Egg

350g Fat free yoghurt


My turkey chilli

Kiwi fruit

Post Workout

Pea protein shake


Hunters chicken (chicken breast, bacon medallions & cheese)

Brown rice

Bedtime snack

Skyr protein yoghurt

I managed to get in a cardio workout today on the recumbent bike 30 minutes no resistance. My hip is hurting really bad at the moment I think it is a result of the surfing so I need to rest it. Had a letter from the hospital my MRI has been cancelled due to needing to see a consultant now. I think it’s my BMI showing as overweight which is rubbish but it’s really annoyed me. I will go and see a consultant whom will send me for an MRI, and round we go again. I do need to see the doctor though and get some pain relief though it’s really hurting me.

Tonight was a night off the weights as my other half had to go out so I am planning some modifications to my home gym. I also bid on a schwinn  spinning bike today that the gym at work no longer want hope I win it.

Tomorrow’s plan is to lay off the cardio and get some chest work in. It will be a late one as Georgia is working and I have to take Alex to Cubs and pick him up again.

Will try and get my stats done tonight but we have three children who seem unwilling to sleep at the moment. Let’s see what happens.

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