Journal 22/08/2017


Today I was off work, we had take our littlest for a hospital appointment. I managed to stay on point with my food by taking it along food with me to the hospital in my green coolbag.

This afternoon upon getting home I managed to get in a workout. I worked mainly on my chest both barbell and dumbbell benching as well as my abs . After getting the kids to bed I cooked my food for tomorrow so its ready to go in the morning.

todays food is as follows


2x Eggs scrambled with 1bacon medallion

Mid Morning

1 can Tuna seasoned


150g Turkey strips

150g sweet potato

Mid Afternoon\Pre Workout

1 slice of Rye bread with 10g Meridian Peanut Butter and 80g banana.

Beef protein shake mixed with coffee granuals

Post Workout

Pea Protein Shake


2 white fish fillets (I wrapped them in tin foil seasoned with parsley and lemon)

75g Brown Rice


Late evening

Cottage cheese

This again was on my macros, I felt strong in the gym today I have upped my weights on all my lifts today and it was manageable.

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