Journal 21/08/2017

I had a good weekend felt good after my Friday 1RM later I drank some prosecco and ate some pizza.

Saturday I kept on plan albeit a mishmash of different foods. I also managed to record my first podcast with James Kennedy please check it out.

Sunday was similar foodwise we were sorting out our pop up caravan ready to go surfing and holidaying in Devon. It’s my favourite place North Devon I love it there. We ended the day with a roast chicken veg and roast potatoes. Georgia had got the potatoes spot on and I wanted to eat them all but I did manage to resist.

That brings me to today and my darling wife helped me as I was so unprepared for today. She got up and cooked me turkey steak for my lunch. Love you babes x

My day was as follows


Egg, egg white scrambled with 2 bacon medallions

Mid Morning 

Tuna seasoned


Hit the gym for some HITS cardio on a recumbent bike then stretching

Protein shakes and almonds after

Mid Afternoon

Turkey steak and sweet potato


2x heck sausages broccoli and potato

Pre Workout

Pumpernickle bread, banana and beef protein mixed with coffee granuals

Hit the gym for a weights session

Post Workout

Cottage cheese

This hits my macros and calorie count for the day and now I am suitably tired ready for bed.

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