Journal 18/08/2017

Today was Bench Press 1RM day so I kept my food strict, but to keep strong I started my carbs earlier in the day and built them up slowly through my meals.

An hour before going to the gym I had eaten 95% of my daily carb intake. I was feeling strong and positive and set off.

I got to the gym about 6pm and jumped in on a training session, as bench pressing was tonight’s discipline. 

We started on bench and I started to work up my weight percentages. My current 1RM is 85kg so I worked to 75% then to 80% 2 reps, 85% 2 reps, 95% 1rep, 100% 1 rep.

I was now at my 1RM of 85kg and now had to see where I could go from here. The first increment was up to 90kg I managed this for 1 rep then hit 95kg. I was getting nearer to 100kg an all time goal for me and I was starting to feel like I was in a competition. Well I was, with myself and my brain to be honest. Next I went up to 97kg A small jump not to shock my body to much and managed to rep it out. The guys Matt and Angus added the last 3kg to the bar and I was resting, but there it sat my nemesis for so long the dreaded 100kg. Yvonne who I also do lifting sessions with was there doing a set, she said to me it’s only 3kg more and you pushed the last out really well. My brain started to race what if I can’t do it, If I drop the bar to my chest and can’t push back up. I had to step outside clear my mind and be positive.

I came back in and the people working out stopped to watch. I lay on the bench got my feet planted clenched my buttocks. Told Matt who was spotting me I was ready to go. He assisted to get the bar unracked and I heard the ‘your bar’. I engaged my Lats took a breath in tensed my abs and off I went slowly bringing it down to touch my chest. I then pushed the bar back up as hard I could while driving my feet into the floor and finally after what felt like a life time I had the bar back up.

Here is the link Yvonne kindly filmed it for me

I can’t stop smiling an unexpected win on the way to my ultimate goals. Love it and now the number is on the wall at the gym no hiding from that now!

I then went home and drank some prosseco and watched a film with Georgia.

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