Journal 17/08/2017

Yesterday I didn’t post got back from the gym and hit the sack.

Two days have gone last sand food has been spot on really happy with this.

Yesterday I managed to get a cardio session in at lunch and then went to gym in the evrning . Didn’t do my 1RM for bench though worked on my deadlift form. Managed to make some great changes so was very happy. Friday will be my 1RM day instead so looking forward to this.

Today I had to go and get a BMI check and blood pressure this was due to my referral for a labral  tear. So I met the nurse and and she took the readings. My blood pressure was spot on so really happy with that dead in the green zone.

BMI was another story it showed me as being overweight now I know I am not overweight as I know from my bodyfat%. The problem with BMI it doesn’t expect you to be lean muscle. It just used age, weight and height. I spoke to the nurse asking if it would be an issue but she seemed to think it would be ok.

After work i got home are and hit the gym, felt full of energy. Now I am hitting the sack. Will let you know how my 1RM goes.

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