Journal 15/08/2017

Yesterday I posted with the wrong date doh! However today was very similar to yesterday diet wise. I hit the gym this evening at home and smashed my workout mainly chest and arms tonight.

I have listed out what I ate today below.


Omelette 1 egg,100ml egg white

2x Bacon Medallions

Mid Morning

112g Tuna and 10 Almonds


150g Sweet Potato

260g Turkey Chilli


30g Pea Isolate Protein

150g Carrot sticks

Kiwi Fruit

Pre Workout

1 slice Rye Bread

10g Peanut Butter

1 Banana

30g Hydrolised Beef Protein mixed with coffee granuals and Almond Milk

Post Workout

100g 5% Fat beef Mince (bolognese)

130g Cooked Pasta

Pre Bed

300g Cottage Cheese

I will explain a bit about how I am eating, due to cutting to lose fat I purposely leave out carbs first thing. I then tend to start introducing them at lunch building for my evening workout. I then consume the rest of the days carbs 1 hour before working out and again afterwards. This gives me energy to maximise my workouts and a food source to replenish me after working out. At my least active parts of the day I avoid them to stop my body from storing anything it doesn’t need.

I am feeling good today and back in the office makes a huge difference to be honest with my routing. Tomorrow I am meeting up with my trainer to test my bench 1RM and work on my DeadLift form. I am really looking forward to that and especially seeing Georgia tonight as she is back from France.

I am off camping soon with the family so I need to find some gym facilities where we are headed. My plan is to hit the gym early morning so it doesn’t get in the way of our day. Fasted training can also be a good way losing body fat so I can test that theory.


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