Lindy BNX-60 Headphones

So I have been thinking for a while about getting some bluetooth headphones as I wanted them for a multitude of reasons.

Here is my reasoned list to justify parting with the cash;

  • Cardio in the gym, as currently I use my over ear headphones but the cable doesn’t stretch to allow the my phone to sit in the holder and it gets very distracting.
  • When working out in my home gym (garage), I have the music on loud and realised my neighbours may not enjoy me making gains as much as I do. lol
  • At work when sitting at my desk I am in a open plan hot desking office. So people always talk across each other its very distracting.
  • Listening to audio books at night and not interrupting anyone sleeping.
  • Being able to work at home in a very busy and noisy house.

So next based on that I set out my requirements for headphones;

  1. Must also have a jack as I want to use them if the battery runs out
  2. Decent run time between charges nothing less than 8 hours
  3. Noise cancelling so I am no interrupted by what is going on around me
  4. Less than £100 as I dont want to spend hundreds on something

So I took those requirements and started looking around I founds lots of different headphones on the market. I managed to get the selection down to;

  • JBL T450BT approx £40  – Reviews were good for the price and coming from a major player. But it didn’t come with a jack when the battery dies and reviews were mixed.
  • Beats Solo 2 – I didn’t realise these guys were now owned by Apple, now answers while the other week in the Apple store they were promoting them. I like the look of these a bit over my budget at £130 though. There was something I didn’t like about these when I was in the shop but certainly very stylish.
  • Plantronics Backbeat Pro – These had good reviews I was drawn to these as I have had Plantronics headset before and they are excellent build quality. They were out of my price range though £170
  • Lindy BNX-60 – These headphones were £70 and met all my requirements and I was also drawn to a review on what-hifi Added bonus to these was that I could also take phone calls through the headphones.

So I ordered the headphones and when they arrived they came in a very compact box. Opening this box you find a hardened travel case along with the instructions.


In the Box

Inside the case you have on one side the headphones and a zip up compartment holding the 3.5 mm jack. A 1/4 stere-plug adaptor, Dual-plug flight adapter and micro usb charging cable.


On the bottom of the left ear piece we have charging socket covered by rubber. I must admit when trying to plug in the charger it was a bit stiff felt like I was going to break it. You also have jack input and controls for playback.

On the bottom of the right ear piece is the noise cancelling switch (ANC) and volume.


As I am going to be using these with my phone most the time I decided to pair with that first.

FirstI turned on the bluetooth on my phone, then on the left ear piece I held down the multi function button until the light flashed red and green. My phone picked it up immediately and connected.

Adjusting to my head

Next I decided to fit the headphones on my head so they were comfortable. As with most headphones of this type there were adjusters on each side. I extended both sides the adjusters felt pretty solid to be honest. Once adjusted and on they were very comfortable.

Sound Quality and Noise Canceling

I decided to start with some Linkin Park as I often listen to them when working out. Well without ANC on it sounds pretty good nice clear bass and no distortion. It does feel like the bass is more of the forefront of the sound. Turning ANC does something very different it feels like a totally different pair of headphones. Suddenly the mod range and treble increase and a much better rounded sound.

I also noticed I could see my three kids jumping around the front room but couldn’t hear them anymore. I am listening to some hard Linkin Park as they are bouncing of the sofas, it was quite surreal and complimented the soundtrack.

Next was my next favourite thing to listen to when hitting the gym Drum and Bass so I went for ‘Waiting All Night’ – Rudimental. Again starting with ANC in the off position, again low deep bass. Then I turned on ANC and felt I lost it but after going back and forth that wasnt the case it was crisper and clearer.


These headphones seem solid and for the cost they are amazing quality and well worth the money. Obviously they dont have JBL or Beats on the side but they certainly perform. In fact I actually think these are better than the Beats Solo’s I tested. I would recommend them to anyone

I haven’t tested the phone call function but when I do will update the blog.


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