Journal 13/08/2017 Weekly Stats

Today I haven’t managed to do the caliper test as my wife is away and she does that for me.

So this weeks update will be just my weight;

Weight = 78kg

The above weight shows a loss from last week as I was just over 79kg but its still the range I want to be in and hopefully the next caliper test will show my body fat % slower lower. I am not going to play with my diet this week and keep my macros the same.

Last week my food was spot on I managed to avoid temptation and am very pleased. I did suffer from extreme tiredness last week which I need to monitor. I am not sure if its food related or just the length of my days but I need to keep on top of that. I have had a two day break now and feel fine fully replenished.

Today I am cooking up all the food ready for next week so I hit it prepared and don’t falter. Preparation is key to everything as it stops me wondering into the staff canteen and being tempted. It also helps me know exactly all my macros so I know where I am with my daily intake.



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