Dan’s Macro Sunday Breakfast

So its Sunday and the kids have had breakfast and off playing. The food delivery came and I am clearing out the fridge for food that needs to be used and getting ready for next week.

So I had some sweet potato mash that needs using I have another batch I am making today for next week. This morning is going to be fried potato cake with scrambled eggs and bacon. Its great way to start the day healthy clean carbs, protein and great dietary fat sources.


  • 1 Cal Spray
  • Pepper
  • 150g Sweet Potato (Mine is mashed)
  • 2x Bacon Medallions
  • 1x Large Egg
  • 100ml Egg White

Calories 317, Carbs 32g, Fat 6.2g, Protein 33.5g


  1. Weigh out the sweet potato 150g and make them into patties ready to fry.img_1729
  2.  Next I crack the egg into a glass and add 100ml of the egg white whisk with a fork adding pepper.img_1731
  3.  Next I turn on the oven set to about 90 degrees celsius and I put my plate in here to keep warm.
  4. Spray a non stick pan with 1 cal spray and on low heat fry off the the potato patties then place on your plate in the oven.img_1730
  5. For the bacon again fry off in the frying pan with 1 cal spray and add to the plate in the oven.
  6. Lastly I scramble the eggs I do it last as I like them wet and I have done it in the past first and added to the oven they dry out. To do this pour the egg into the non stick pan and using a wooden spoon or plastic/rubber whisk or stir the eggs continually over a low heat until they are at the consistency you like.
  7. Once eggs are cooked add them to the plate and serve. Great way to start the day and tastes awesome.img_1733


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