Journal 08/08/17

So today was another all day session at the conference centre but I was prepared today I went armed with my food.

My food was as follows;


  • 1x Omelet & 2 rashers of bacon

Mid Morning

  • 200g Carrots
  • Skyr Yoghurt 350g


  • Sweet Potato 100g
  • Tuna 112g
  • 10 Almonds


  • Protein shake Isolate Pea

Pre Workout

  • Wholegrain Rye Bread
  • 10g Meridian Peanut Butter
  • 100g Banana
  • Protein Coffee (I make this using Beef Isolate)

Post Workout

  • Chilli 150g Lean Mince
  • Pasta 200g Cooked

Before Bed

  • 300g Cottage Cheese 1.5% fat

Good day as I hit all my macros dead on I did a lot of planning Sunday to ensure this.

Workout wise I got home and the other half was at work so sat with the kids for a bit. Then they watched Swallows and Amazons while I hit my home gym. It was a great session I had a great pump on and was sweating like a beast.

I haven’t managed to get any cardio in yet this week, I am back at my office tomorrow so will try and get 30 minutes in. My wife goes away tomorrow and its just me and the kids it going to be tiring but I need to stay positive and get those workouts in.

I didnt post about this yesterday but I have been taking Hydrolysed Beef protein and starting to hate it. lol So I ordered some Pea Isolate this is because Whey has started to make me feel bloated and ill. So today was the first time I tried it, it was interesting and the verdict is still out will let you know my thoughts when I try it again tomorrow.






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