Journal 07/08/17

This morning started off well I had gone through my meal planning Sunday night, so I knew what I would be eating over the coming days.

Breakfast – Omelette 1 egg and 100ml egg whites with 2 Bacon Medallions

I had my turkey curry and millet in my bag for lunch to warm up and saw I had a gap in my diary today to hit the gym and get in my cardion.

This is were it started to go pear shaped, I was asked by my boss to go and attend a morning workshop at a conference centre to discuss our project. So I drove to the conference centre but the meeting ended up taking all day. At the centre they didn’t have any facilities to heat my food. To stop us breaking for lunch food was provided but was just a selection of crisps, baguettes and cakes. I felt like this was some sort of nightmare trying to throw me off track.

All I wanted to do was eat it as I was so hungry so I decided to use a technique I had read about when faced with these situations. I slowed my breathing down by breathing in and exhaling through pursed lips I did this three times. It allowed me to regain control of my cravings and then I filled up my water bottle grabbed an apple and went back to the meeting room. I was proud of this small victory as I can only build on it.

After the meeting I shot home had what was meant to be lunch, waited an hour ate my pre workout snack.

Wholegrain Rye toasted with peanut butter and banana

Today was day 1 of my new workout program and it killed me, I hit it as hard as I could then messaged my trainer to tell her what a sadist she was. lol

I managed to box squat up 90kg on my hip but started to get a niggle on my 3rd set so dropped the weight. (I heard my trainers voice in my ear saying stop the ego) Straight after I went and soaked in a hot bath and rubbed voltarol into my leg.

After that read the kids to sleep we read Horrid Henry, followed by Harry Potter we are on Goblet of Fire now.

After they were asleep I went and ate a chicken curry strangely with spiral pasta followed by yoghurt.

Now I am sat with my feet up catching up on Game of Thrones. So I didn’t get into the work gym for some cardio today but that hasn’t got me down, I have had wins in other areas. I am at the conference centre again tomorrow, at least knowing this I can take the appropriate food. Tonight the other half baked me a load of sweet potato which I can put with Tuna for a nice lunch.

Lets see what tomorrow brings.

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