Journal 06/08/2017 Weekly Stats

So once a week I weigh myself and my wife gets the caliper to check my body fat %. Check my blog about measuring this here

Today my stats came in as follows,

Last week Body Fat % (Jackson/Pollock 7 Caliper Method) = 18.41%

This week Body Fat % (Jackson/Pollock 7 Caliper Method) = 16.21%

Weight = 79.7.1kg

Fat in Kgs = 12.9kg

Lean Mass = 66.78kg

I am a little skeptical of the body fat % this week we ended up measuring it twice as it seemed a very large drop of over 2%. But its not an exact science so lets how this pans out over the weeks. I have also stayed around my weight range I dont want to lose or gain weight at the moment just hit the body fat.

This week with my food has been a struggle as I was away with work and that caused me to not eat exactly what I wanted. I also had a few beers and prosecco this week as I was celebrating my wedding anniversary.

This weeks challenges are different to last week my wife is going away Wednesday for a week. So I am going to have to drop off and pickup the kids from their nans between work. I know I need to be ultra prepared with my food and their to deal with this, I also need be prepared for tiredness. But as all parents can probably relate to from the moment they are born tiredness is just part of life. They should just hire us as the extras for the ‘Walking Dead’. lol

So I am putting in a food order tonight to be delivered tomorrow which has everything I need the usual suspects such as brocolli, chicken, sweet potato, tuna etc…

Luckily my garage is a gym with everything I need, another blog post will appear about home gyms soon. So it means I don’t have to worry about that I can still get my workouts in and I want to hit my new program with some real focus.

Now for this weeks pics.

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