Journal 04/07/17


Anniversary day today 10 years of marriage to my beautiful wife.

Had to be in work again early for a meeting at 7:30am and so had the same breakfast as yesterday;

2 rashers of bacon

2 poached eggs

Plum Tomatoes

Added some baked beans today

I then had a mid morning snack of chicken and broccoli left overs from last night.

Georgia had come through with lunch again as I had managed to grab a turkey curry from the freezer and some sweet potato.

When I got home everyone was out so I tidied up chucked some washing on and shot off to the gym. I was going through my new program tonight so was very excited.

We did some work around mobilisation and stretched me out, Lizzie the coach changed my squat and deadlift stances and it made a massive difference. I am now working on these new stances and will slowly increase the weights.

While I was squatting in a room full of power lifters tonight my shorts decided to split with a loud ripping noise. It wasn’t my finest moment but everybody was in stitches so I am glad I made their evenings. I have put a picture of offending shorts below getting back to the car without anyone noticing was interesting. lol


Cant wait to get on the new program but going to have a couple of days off the weights and get back to it Monday.

Well I am off in a minute to go and have dinner with my wife so my next update will be tomorrow or Sunday.











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