Journal 03/07/17

Back in the office today and lucky me, starting off with a 7:30am meeting so had to leave home early.

Managed to get my days food together so I stayed on plan with my diet.

I had a banana, some nuts, protein shake, turkey curry, and sweet potato.


I had to grab breakfast at work so went to the canteen and got two poached eggs, bacon with rind cut off, mushrooms and plum tomatoes. This was a good start and set me on my way.

I had a meeting cancelled in the morning and as I had to go to another site for the afternoon took the option to hit the gym we have onsite. I managed to get a 30minute session in on a cross trainer which was great.

Turning up at the other site in the afternoon they had a big kitchen and in it were free Haribo and loads of different crisps. These are two of my trigger foods I will just eat them forever when I start. I took a deep breath and grabbed a satsuma, then went up to the meeting room. Felt really good for doing this but it took so much will power.

After work I got home read the kids a bedtime story until they fell asleep. I was then back in my home gym hitting my arms. This session was as follows:

  1. Dumbell Curls 3×5 @80
  2. Tricep Pushdown 3×5 @80
  3. EZBar Bicep Curl 3×5 @80
  4. Tricep Press 3×15 20kg plate
  5. Shoulder Shrugs 3×8

After that sat down with the other half and ate a chicken curry she made. This was lovely, Chicken Breast, Basmati rice, green beans and broccoli.

Its Friday tomorrow and I am changing up my program which is exciting really looking forward to it. Then out with the love of my life Georgia as its our 10 year anniversary!







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