Journal 02/07/17

Another day at our company conference, lunch was interesting as it seemed there was only the option of orange foods and chips. I ended up eating two side salads and found some spinach quiche.

When I got home today my new shoes had arrived yay! These shoes are designed for weight lifting they raise the heel which really helps with squating. I had never used them before but last week someone at the gym let me try theirs out and it transformed my form.


It’s our 10 year wedding anniversary Friday so we decided to order a pair each to celebrate.

Tonight was a difficult night at the gym I struggled to be honest but Tom who was spotting me got me through it.

We were practising our wide grip bench press and negative wide grip bench press. The negative mean you un-rack the bar and slowly lower it to your chest. The spotter then helps return it to the top of the rep and you repeat. After that I was military pressing and for some reason I couldn’t get my form right.

Showered and feeling tired now so am going to eat some cottage cheese and go to bed.

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