Journal 01/07/17

Today didn’t quite go as planned I went to a conference with work, I had called the hotel ahead regarding the gym and pool and confirmed I could use them.

Got there and then realised on the agenda we were finishing at 6:15 followed by dinner at 7:30. The dinner was formal and to go on until 9:30 but I thought I could possibly squeeze a session in at the gym. Later to my dismay I found out I was not to be staying at the hotel we were at and was put in a Butlins type accommodation down the road.

I had prepared for the onslaught of sausage rolls etc by bringing my own snacks which worked. Thanks Georgia for picking up.

Despite this the day was informative and we had an afternoon break out session to engage in an activity. Nutrition was on the list so I jumped onto that and and met a chap called James Kennedy. He spoke to us about dieting and nutrition he is an ex body builder and works with people on body transformations. I must say he gave a very good presentation and I would like to engage with him further his website is if you want to take a look for yourself. 

Tomorrow I am back at the conference and then after back at my weight lifting club.

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