Syn Free Roasties

So its Sunday afternoon and another week at work looms, the weekends really aren’t long enough. So what’s better than to end the week with a family roast dinner round the table.

Roast dinners are definitely up there as one of my favourite meals and you have to have good roast potatoes to go with it. Over time I have worked on Syn free roast potatoes to try perfect them so I can enjoy them without the syns.


Maris Piper Potatoes


1 Cal Spray

1.To start I peel all the potatoes you need and put them on stove to parboil. Whilst this is ongoing put the oven on at 180oc (I have a fan oven so 200 if you don’t). I also at this point put a shallow baking tray in the oven also I tend to use a metal one rather than Pyrex. I find the potatoes cook better on a metal tray.

2. The parboil is an important part of the operation I tend to bring them to the boil and then keep checking with a fork. Push the fork into the middle of a potato and lift it, if it slides off easily then they are ready to be drained.

3. When draining the potatoes pour them into a colander (I prefer a metal one although its disapeared). When in the colander shake them up to rough up the outsides. Leave then to drain for about 10 minutes sitting in the colander.


4. When you ready to get them in the oven take the tray out and put it on the side. Spray the tray with one cal spray and tip the potatoes onto it. Then spray the top of the potatoes with a light covering and place them into the oven.


5. That’s not the end of it though I tend to cook the potatoes for a approx 45minutes but I will check them every 10 minutes and turn them. Give them another light spray if they need it and turn them making sure they go nicely golden with a slight browning.

6. Get them out and add them on the side of your roast dinner and enjoy! These worked out perfectly crunchy on the outside yet fluffy in the middle hmmmmmm.


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  1. Nice to see someone else cutting their roasties lengthways. Certainly crisps up better I think. Gotta love a good roastie and Maris piper definitely deliver. Looking forward to seeing more posts Dan


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