Journal 26/07/2017 – Mid Week

So Sunday didn’t go totally as planned as I ended up spending time with the kids and then getting my clothes ready for work.

This resulted in no real food preparation, however in stepped my lovely wife and she made me a crustless quiche that would last the week. I will put the recipe on my blog at some point. The quiche along with a tray of baked sweet potatoes sent me back on my way.

Monday I trained alone as my wife went to a yoga class, this meant I couldn’t get down to the weight lifting club.

Tuesday I trained with my son after I picked him up from cubs, he is only 8 and follows my plan using body weight exercises. I often get all three of my children involved they love it, it means as they grow older working out and staying healthy is just part of their life. In fact my daughter who is 6 and my oldest son 8 can now easily out plank me. lol

When Wednesday comes I alway start to feel tired mid week, work is hectic and so is home life. I got in and got myself ready as training was down at the weight lifting club. So off I went, got to the club and surveyed the board which tells us what we are doing for that session. Our opener was 30 Turkish Getups followed by 40 press ups with no rest in between. It was grueling as an opener but I smashed it and it left me feeling elated for the rest of the session. Next we moved on to wide bar bench, learning a new technique to get ourselves onto the bench with an arched back. I found this very alien and uncomfortable to be honest but got on with it. After that we moved into military pressing and lastly an exercise where you lie flat on your back with knees pulled into your chest. The next motion is to put you legs out as horizontal to your body as possible without touching the floor and retract them. This is a great core exercise, and one I am certainly going to remember.

Tomorrow is a rest day and those bananas are sat in the kitchen awaiting me to make banana ice cream. I am really excited about to see how they turn out and will be putting the recipe up on my blog.

As far as food is concerned I am doing well this week I have kept to my plan and my next Journal update will be Friday.




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