Journal 23/07/2017 Weekly Stats

So once a week I weigh myself and my wife gets the caliper to check my body fat %.

Today my stats came in as follows, I will do a blog on measuring body fat % I use a calliper method and have a link to calculator I use. My wife helps me with mine as I measure 7 parts of my body but there are simpler methods you can do unaided.

Body Fat % (Jackson/Pollock 7 Caliper Method) = 18.68%

Weight = 78.4kg

Fat in Kgs = 14.64kg

Lean Mass = 63.76kg

I am happy with that my weight hasnt changed to much since my last weigh in and I have lowered my body fat% which is great news. I am going to be doing a weekly update on my blog for my stats and will setup a dedicated menu for them.

So I need to organise myself so I don’t slip on my goals. Big one for me and anyone working all week is food I need to get my food prepped and ready.

Not sure what I am going to cook yet today I need to see what’s in the freezer. I definitely want to try a banana ice cream recipe my wife showed me as it looks really good.

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