Journal 22/07/2017 – The Comp

So last night I decided to sabotage myself at my point of lowness by drinking wine and eating Chocolate. Funnily enough that didn’t solve things for me and the chocolate didn’t fix my hip.

So I woke up and decided to stop feeling sorry for myself, well at least for today anyway. I made the decision I was going to the comp anyway not to compete but to watch and learn. I had never been to one so I could learn a lot by simply just attending. The club I train at Lakeside Lifting had several people in the comp so it would be good to support them. So I asked my son if he wanted to come and we headed off for an hour in the car to get there.

We found the venue a large Crossfit centre in Aldermaston funnily called ‘CrossFit Aldermaston’ I can’t help thinking of Rich Frowning when I see the word Crossfit after watching a documentary on Netflix about him.

I quickly met the people from my club who were competing, they were getting in the right mindset so I left them with their coach and had a look around. Everyone seemed very friendly especially the staff much different to what I expected from this type of comp. I then bumped into Beverley Rodgers she is part of our national team and competes around the world. I was lucky enough to meet her at our local club and she is an inspiration to me as she started around the same age as myself and now competes at such a high standard. Beverley gave me words of advice about there being more comps and to work around the injury which was a nice pick me up.

So when the comp got started my son and I grabbed a front row place it was really good to watch seeing the lifters come in do their lifts and leave again. I got to watch the judges and spoke to people about what they were looking for. Some competitors had different techniques which were interesting to see especially for bench pressing. I am going to look into some of these to see if there is any benefit to them.

When the ladies from our club were in the swing of things I spoke to them and tried to be encouraging. I also spoke to the coaches for bits of advice during the day. My coach was also competing on the day and it was interesting to see her in action she did a great job.

I left at the end of day feeling really pleased I had attended it pumped me to want to work through the injury and concentrate on other aspects of training. I can do this i just need to concentrate and keep got the plan and I will get there.

When I got home I got the gym and put in a solid workout concentrating my shoulders and increasing all my lifts in that area.

Then it was shower change and went with the family to a Cubs BBQ.

What I learned was although something negative had happened to me I could still look for the positives in it. Staying at home would have been the easy thing to do feeling sorry for myself. But getting up and going to watch I have learnt a lot and its made me even more hungry for a competition.

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