21/07/2017 – The MRI Letter

So as this is my first journal entry i wanted to give some background information as to what’s happened and what my goals are.

So I have been training for a powerlifting competition on July 22nd  2017 this was to be my first competition. Focusing on this goal was giving me the drive and determination I needed to hit my training sessions giving it my all.

All was good until 2 months ago, what was a niggling pain in my left quad and hip got worse and I knew something was up. I went to a physio and they found my left leg had limited motion and the hip was inflamed. This hit me hard I didn’t know if I could recover in time or what I could do. I started to follow their advice of stretches, exercises and massage.

Last week i went to the physio for a decision on the comp and it wasn’t the news I wanted. The joint still had a limited range and the physio said that they feared I had a labral tear. I now needed an MRI on my hip to find out noooooo!

Well this didn’t put me in a good head space at all, I felt like my goals were now moving out of reach and that I was failing. Thoughts like I am too old crept into my head and will I ever recover from this, all i wanted was to be better and hitting this comp.

Well today my MRI appointment letter came through letting me self book. I got home jumped straight online, but no were my eyes deceiving me, you cant be serious the first appointment is 29th September that’s approx 8 weeks away. It’s also something I can’t do anything about so have to suck it up.

I think this weekend is not going to be good for me as this isn’t the news I wanted to be honest. Especially with that comp happening tomorrow that I can’t make.

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