Swedish Breakfast Hash

So this is actually a recipe my wife saw in a Slimming World magazine and we wanted to try and hadn’t got to.

Well my wife had some bad news today and was feeling low, so when I got home from work I decided to give it a go as its looks like a feel good sort of comfort meal. Hopefully this will cheer her up a little.

Well as I write this I just burnt some potatoes in the oven forgot I had but them in there doh!

Back to the recipe the ingredients I used slightly differed to the Slimming World version.

Serves 5

200g Ham (I used sandwich ham as didn’t have a joint)

6 Quorn Sausages


300g Leeks

300g Potato peeled and cut into cubes

2 Red peppers diced

600g Chicken Breast cut into small pieces

Whole Grain mustard

Chicken Stock


Calories 546 Per Serving (5 Portions) – Carbs 50g, Protein 55g, Fat 14g

After I had prepared all the ingredients I then took two pans sprayed them with frylight and put the ham, leek potato and peppers in one and the chicken and quorn sausage in the other.

hash2Next I fried off the chicken and sausage to brown and did the same with the other pan containing the veg. Once complete I combined them back to one pan. This seems a faff and it is as I had forgotten I had a bigger pan in the cupboard. lol

Once I had everything in one pan I added the stock to it. It looked great what beautiful colours cant wait to try this.


Then I let it simmer for 15 minutes whilst stirring regularly, once ready I served on a plate topped with a fried egg.


Really tasty meal, I will be sure to take the leftovers to work with me tomorrow. If there are any!

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