Breakfast Omelette

Today I started off the day with a great breakfast omelette, it’s a recipe my wife shared with me. Its quick easy and very healthy, but of course tastes great.

Brekfast Omelette.png


3x Eggs

1/2 Teaspoon Cinnamon

1 Banana 85g

100g Low Fat Yoghurt ( I go for Skyr available at Lidl either Strawberry or Blueberry flavour)



Calories 332

Carbs 22g


Fat 14.7



Crack the 3 eggs into a bowl and whisk adding the cinnamon this requires some effort to get the cinnamon through the mixture.

Spray a pan preferably a non stick pan with fry light and put over a medium heat.

Poor in the egg mixture and cook until set. I tend to flip the omelette to ensure the top is cooked.

Chop the banana into slices

Once cooked place on a plate add the yoghurt and chopped banana

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