FAD Diets

So what are FAD diets, I have tried all sorts of FAD diets in my time looking for the holy grail, that secret your promised from all those adverts. Lose weight fast with little or no effort. Sounds great where do I sign up, what do I need to do!

The thing with the latest craze FAD diet is that they simply don’t work and I know I have partaken in most if probably not all. I tried the Atkins diet, Cabbage Soup diet, 5-2 diet, the list goes on I have even gone down the road of taking slimming pills. For the sake of this blog I wont cover slimming pills as these deserve a blog all of their own.

FAD diets draw our attention as we see the claims and then people at work or family members tell us they have lost a stone in two weeks. So you start thinking this is the best thing since sliced bread. Well its not a they are usually inherently floored, I am not saying all new diets out there are bad hey some probably do help but we need to understand food in order to weed out the good ones from the bad.


How do they work?

Most FAD diets work by substantially stripping the calories you intake per day. Diets such as the 5-2 diet will have eating a quarter of you required daily intake on some days. At first your body reacts by losing water and burning some fat before it will go into survival mode. Once your body enters this mode it will store as much as it can and ultimately eat muscle and burn less fat.

Some of these diets will cut out Carbohydrates and increase your Protein intake, this is because Carbohydrates are associated with making you fat. This is somewhat untrue obviously if you eat in excess of anything your body will ultimately store it as fat. However your body needs Carbohydrates for energy and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Is it sustainable?

The short simple answer is no it is not! You are either going to be in a major calorie deficit and will start to feel drained and tired. Or you are cutting out a major food group and along with it important nutrients our body needs.

Your body requires a holistic diet covering all the food groups and thus feeding it correctly.

But my mate lost a stone in a week!

People do lose weight to start with but this stops very quickly as I previously stated your body will go into survival mode.

Most of the weight loss experienced mainly by people losing water retention.

Will I keep in the weight off?

In nearly all cases the answer is no, for starters if you been on a calorie deficit your body will take anything you start feeding it and store it.

Secondly and the most prominent issue is that the diet never dealt with our relationship with food. As soon as we stop will fall back into those habits and the old cycle of eating the wrong foods.

How can we achieve true lasting weight loss

The way we achieve weight loss and maintain it is address ourselves and how we break our cycle of habits.

We must not only understand what foods we should be eating daily but also want to change. I believe in people having to truly want to change themselves and look beyond the quick fix. You must as the quick fix doesn’t exist people!

I know I have been there I remember at my wedding the best man made a joke ‘ Dan is the only guy I know with a gold card to Dominoes’ . Good joke hey! The room laughed and so did I, but inside it was raw and it cut deep. Its a series of these events, yes theres more that led me to change myself which I will cover in a another blog.


Having said that there are many diets our there that do work and are healthy. Like I said before we just need to know how to spot them.

Let me know by commenting any diets you have been on and your experiences good or bad.

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