Whats my goal?

After initially losing weight I decide to get back into sport as I was feeling healthier and a lot more confident with myself.

I knew I had more confidence because I managed to go swimming with my wife and son. That sounds stupid doesn’t it I managed to go swimming but that was how low I felt and how much I hated my body.  I hated anyone seeing me, I was the guy at the beach with his t-shirt on even if I went in the sea. I will discuss body image and self loathing in another post as this was a big issue for me.

So back to sport, after losing weight I decided I would get back into a sport which has led me to my goals have set for myself today.

My initial goal was to compete at a Power Lifting competition and was training for 6 months to hit the Midlands South event this coming weekend . However I have suffered a setback by sustaining an injury to my hip. This has resulted in me having to pull out, I am so gutted by this and it has taken me a while to accept it. I have been referred for an MRI with suspected Laberal tear. I will update my journal when I find out the result after the MRI and you can follow me on my road to recovery.

I have now reviewed my goals and adapted to work around my injury as goals are important to drive you and keep you focused.

So here they are:

  1. Gain experience in a Power Lifting Competition July 2018
  2. Compete in the Masters category at a regional Power Lifting Competition in July 2019
  3. Experience as many different sports as I can taking me out of my comfort zone
  4. Achieve my body transformation goals by lowering my body fat %

By writing them here it pushes me more to focus on achieving yes I will fall over along the way but thats what I want to share with you. I want those of your own journey to know we all struggle as we are only human.

Feel free to reply or email and let me know your goals or ask me about any of mine I am happy to share.

Email me at: dan@fit4forty.blog



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