Mint, choc-chip and banana ice cream

So its Saturday and at last I have managed to get around to making the long awaited mint choc-chip ice cream. I grabbed this recipe from Slimming World magazine it stood out to me as something that looked good and wasn't laden with sugar. I plan to sit and eat this tonight with a glass... Continue Reading →

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Journal 01/11/2017

Over the last couple of days I have come to the realisation that I have been doing to much as I was starting to struggle to function. This has lead to me having to make some hard choices. Georgia spoke to me about me thinking there was more time in the day than there really... Continue Reading →

Journal 30/10/2017

Today was a bit hectic I woke up and totally unprepared for the day ahead. Georgia cooked me some white fish and armed with this and tuna i set off to work. I managed to hit the office at 8am in preparation for my first meeting. This meeting over ran and I was offered pizza... Continue Reading →

Journal 29/10/2017

This weekend my stats were not what I wanted I ended up gaining weight and bodyfat % I will post the exact details later as weekly stats as I haven't done this yet. I ended up Saturday going to Octoberfest in Southampton and drinking beer although not good for my goals I didn't go crazy... Continue Reading →

Journal 26/10/2017

Yesterday my food was spot on so I was happy with that. I got home and was going to work out but ended up falling asleep on my sofa with the kids while watching Harry Potter. This caused me a dilemma as Thursday night is coaching night and my rest day. So this morning I... Continue Reading →

Journal 23/10/2017

Today was hard woke up and wanted to pretend it wasn’t the morning but couldn’t get away with it. I dragged myself out of bed and did a 10.5hour day at work. I was late leaving so two hours late to the gym to coach. Once there had a good evening Lizzie was showing me... Continue Reading →

Journal 22/10/2017

What a week I feel shattered and its back to work tomorrow I need one more day. So the rest of the week I have managed to get my weight sessions in so really happy with that. Food again not so great went to a family do at my Aunty's and ate and drank to... Continue Reading →

Journal 18/10/17

Since I last updated my blog quite a bit has happened I managed to see a consultant about my hip which was positive. I waited 1hour 45 minutes and was in the room less than 3 minutes when he told me you need an MRI. I know this why has it taken over 6 months... Continue Reading →

Journal 15/10/2017

This weekend we took the kids to Devon for a short break.   I didn't get in any weight training, but spent Saturday surfing at Woolacombe. Sunday we met our friends Lisa and Miles and their children then all went swimming for a couple of hours with the kids. The kids loved it and we had... Continue Reading →

Journal 12/10/2017

So what's being going on the last few days. I haven't been working out and I haven't been eating brilliantly and have had a few drinks. I wouldn't say my food has been horrendous but I haven't been recording it and know I have eaten things off plan. Over the last two days I have... Continue Reading →

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