Mint, choc-chip and banana ice cream

So its Saturday and at last I have managed to get around to making the long awaited mint choc-chip ice cream. I grabbed this recipe from Slimming World magazine it stood out to me as something that looked good and wasn't laden with sugar. I plan to sit and eat this tonight with a glass... Continue Reading →

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Cutting Update 11/02/2019

I am lying awake in bed waiting for kids to fall asleep before going to wrap my sons birthday presents so thought I would update you all. In my last update I mentioned I was cutting again. This has been going okish I have faltered a couple of times but down to 78.7kg. I keep... Continue Reading →

Return of the Cut 2019

So I haven't blogged for the last 3 months all through my bulking phase I have various reasons/excuses for why I haven't been blogging. Work Life Lack of enthusiasm Other stuff I cant think of right now So today I have made the point to sit down and cover what has been going on. I... Continue Reading →

Journal 22/09/18 Bulk

I have just come off a rest week which was well needed and I am now back in the gym. I still feel tired but that is more to do with work and family life that training. I have also has some motivational issues this week but I have made myself push through it. I... Continue Reading →

Journal 08/09/2018 – Bulk

I didnt update my blog last week so this update covers two weeks, food wise its been fine I am in my daily routine at work of eating my meals and then coming home in the evening and eating my last remaining macros. I am however finding the amount of food that I am preparing... Continue Reading →

Spelt Flour Pancakes

Georgia and I this weekend said what shall we have for breakfast rather than our typical run of the mill breakfast. I have tended recently to get very stuck in my ways when it comes to my foods. So we decided on pancakes as we hadn't had them for ages but pancakes with a difference.... Continue Reading →

Journal 26/08/2018 – Bulk

Another week of bulking under the belt I was away this week for work and was staying in a hotel but I disnt want to eat the food they have so made a stop at a local co-op and bought my supplies which consisted of chicken, chorizo, salad and greek yoghurt. I had also taken... Continue Reading →

Journal 19/08/2018

Last week was good I eating my macros and feeling really strong in the gym every time I get in there the weight goes up on the bar or reps go up. This is exactly what I want to be happening so it feels full of joy. Last week I also decided to give up... Continue Reading →

Hitting My Goal 10% BF

I wanted to to write a blog post about hitting my 10% Body Fat goal. In the flurry of life I seemed to have skirted over it but it is important to me. I chose to meet this goal after receiving news that I was going to need a double hip replacement in 5 years.... Continue Reading →

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