Mint, choc-chip and banana ice cream

So its Saturday and at last I have managed to get around to making the long awaited mint choc-chip ice cream. I grabbed this recipe from Slimming World magazine it stood out to me as something that looked good and wasn't laden with sugar. I plan to sit and eat this tonight with a glass... Continue Reading →

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Journal 21/03/2018

This week so far is going well. Monday - Trained with Georgie early morning forgot to take my lunch to work but got a salad at lunchtime so was covered. I got home and Georgia's brother and his family were there so we indulged in Sushi. Tuesday - I worked out alone deadlift day along... Continue Reading →

Journal 18/03/2018 Weekly Stats

This week I managed to keep to my diet and get my workouts along with three cardio sessions. It went to pot on Friday though as endulged in some food I shouldn't have but hey it okay to have a cheat meal. Problem was I had another one Saturday night. My own fault and just... Continue Reading →

Journal 14/03/2018

Yesterday I managed to get my early cardio in which was a win made me feel good had to drag myself out of bed though. Today was day two of my strength week and again I woke Georgia up to come and join me. She was still hurting from Monday and we were amused by... Continue Reading →

Journal 08/03/2018

Training has continued this week and really happy as been bang on plan with my food even in the face of temptation. My Pot of Gold meals have all turned up and are in the freezer in the garage so that's another plus. Training has been as follows; Wednesday: Cardio 45 minutes on the bike... Continue Reading →

Journal 06/03/2018

I didnt update my blog at all last week our family had some bad news which I am not going to go into now and it threw me to be honest. My birthday came and went and I felt suitably sorry for myself. 🙂 Georgia had arranged a massive surprise party for me but we... Continue Reading →

Journal 22/02/2018

How has the week gone so far that is the question. To be honest it has had its ups and downs. Foodwise I am happy I have been inside my macros and Georgia has been helping me out with lunches. Today she got up and made me a Turkey chilli after cooking me breakfast. She... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Brownies

I decided to make myself some chocolate brownies. I absolutely love them and so this is going to be a treat for my lunch box. This recipe uses sweet potato and porridge oats to get the consistency instead of flour. Ingredients 1kg Sweet Potato 200g Porridge Oats 6 tbsp sweeter 2 eggs 12 dates chopped... Continue Reading →

Journal 20/02/2018

The weekend was interesting again had too many wines. This weekends challenge no alcohol, we are going to a party Friday so opted be nominated driver. We are also off to London to watch some rugby so again driving, that should do it. I did make my brownies very nice will post the recipe and... Continue Reading →

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